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May 09, 2020 3 min read

With the spring evaluation period & EYBL closed due to the pandemic, we are updating you on 2021 class within the Bradley Beal Elite basketball program. It is a deep and very talented group of prospects that can excel at all levels of College Basketball. 


Name: Jordan Nesbitt

High School: Saint Louis Christian Academy

Position:  Shooting Guard

Height: 6’5

Level: High major

Interest: Memphis, Arizona State

Offers: DePaul, Nebraska, SLU, Illinois, New Mexico, Ole Miss, Creighton, Texas, Memphis, Seton Hall, 


A tough kid who is a two level scorer.  He is a downhill scorer that lives at the free-throw line.   He’s very athletic, with a big strong body he is a high major guy to a possible Power 5.  Nesbitt is a maturing shooter that I believe can get to 40% shooting in his college career because of the work he puts in.


He rebounds well from the guard spot and can play any position 1-3.  He’s a good open court passer. Super long arms defensively which allows him to excel in the passing lane and on ball. 


Name: Jaden Jones

High School: Saint Louis Christian Academy

Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward

Height/Weight: 6’7

Level: High Major

Committed: Rutgers


A wing with long arms and a solid athlete.  Jones shoots very well from deep with NBA range.  He is a three level scorer but shooting is his strength.  I think his college career he will be 40% from three or better.


With added strength he will become an above average defender.  Very crafty off the dribble with creating shots for himself and others.


Name: Nick Kern

High School: Vashon High School

Position: Shooting guard

Height/Weight: 6’6

Level: Mid major/ High major

Offers: DePaul, SEMO


He may be the best lockdown one on one defender that we have in our program and number one in the state.  When he gets into transition he’s a major problem and can take over the game with his slashing ability.  Kern is an above average passer who can play 1-3.


He is a high energy guy with a big time motor and the ultimate team guy.  One of his strongest traits is rebounding and how he dominates the offensive glass.


Name: Mayen Maen

High School: Saint Louis Christian Academy

Position: Power Forward/ Stretch 4

Height: 6’9

Level: Mid-Major


Mann is a skilled stretch 4.  He is a great outside shooter and is an above average athlete.  He’s a decent ball handler for his size.  He’s long, athletic, with solid skills and can produce consistently.


He’s a rim protector, mobile and good at switching on ball in the pick and roll.  He can guard the 3-5 and with added strength, this will only get better.


Name: Keshon Gilbert

High School: Durango High

Position: Point Guard

Height/Weight: 6’2

Level: High Major

Committed: UNLV


Gilbert has good size, is very fast with the ball.  He is an elite finisher from the point guard spot; and a pass first guy.  He will do very well over time and can become one of the best point guards in the Mountain West conference.


Name: KJ Lee

High School: Fort Zumwalt North

Position: Shooting Guard

Height/Weight: 6’7

Level: Low to mid major

Offer: SLU 


Lee is a solid shooter with pretty good length and size.  He is definitely best in catch and shoot situations.  He is very good with coming off screens and getting to his one dribble pullup off the catch.  He is a decent athlete and a motivated defender.


Name: Omarion Henry

High School: Normandy

Position: Small Forward

Height/Weight: 6’6

Level: Low major

Offer: University of Louisiana-Monroe 


Henry is super athletic and guards well.  He has potential to be an elite level defender.  He gets out in transition and does a really good job finishing through contact.  He is an above average rebounder.  He has a decent shot with good mechanics.


Name: Josh Robinson

High School: Cardinal Ritter College Prep

Position: Power Forward

Height/Weight: 6’9

Level: Low major  

Offer: University of Louisiana-Monroe 


Robinson has a feel for blocking shots and is a tenacious rebounder.  He has decent post moves with a good jump hook and soft hands.


Name: Mike Florian

High School: Saint Louis Christian Academy

Position: Center

Height/Weight: 6’10

Level: Low major


Florian is super athletic and has a knack for blocking shots.  He’s a raw talent but very good finisher around the basket.  He runs the rim line very well.