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May 10, 2020 3 min read

With the spring evaluation period & EYBL closed due to the pandemic, we are updating you on 2022 class within the Bradley Beal Elite basketball program. It is a deep and very talented group of prospects that can excel at all levels of College Basketball. 


Name: Brandon Miller

High School: Cane Ridge

Position: Point Forward

Height: 6’8




Miller has all the tools you want. He is the prototypical wing in today’s game.  He is a three level scorer.  Can create his own shot in a telephone booth.  Has above average handles for his size.  He is a high level athlete and a motivated defender.  Miller is a very efficient scorer who finishes well with both hands.  He is a matchup problem, good teammate and very coachable.



Name: Nick Smith Jr

High School: Sylvan Hills

Position: Point guard

Height: 6’4

Level: High major



Smith has a high motor and strives in the moment.  He creates shots for himself and others.  He is smooth and creative at the rim using both hands to finish.  He’s an above average mid-range shooter; the prototypical scoring point guard.  Smith has very long arms and big feet.  Bradley Beal says, “Nick reminds him of himself.  He sees a lot of himself in Nick”



Name: Maker Bar

High School: Ballard High (Kentucky)

Position: Center

Height: 6’10

Level: High major



Bar is an elite passer for his size.  He can run the floor real well and handle it in transition.  He can guard 3-5 and does well when switching off in the pick and roll.  Bar scores well around the basket and has a solid jump hook.  He has a high IQ and I can see him maturing into a stretch four because he has good touch shooting the three ball.



Name: Robert Martin

High School: Christian Brother High School

Position: Point guard

Height: 5’10

Level: Mid major

Offers: Saint Louis University



Martin is a point guard with good speed, an elite ball handler who’s shooting has improved.  He’s a willing defender; and on offense he can create his own shot and for others.  Martin is developing in his pick and roll reads and becoming dangerous in the pocket.  He finishes very well around the rim and is crafty.  He has a very instinctive change of pace, does a very good job at scoring from the second level, and shows up in big games and excels.  Martin is a very coachable and a team “first” guy.


Name: Christian Jones

High School: Granite City

Position: Point guard/Shooting guard

Height: 6’4

Level: Mid major/ High major



Jones is long and athletic, great change of pace and creates his own shot off the bounce.  He finishes around the basket and through contact very well.  This kid excels in the passing lane on defense, has a high IQ on offense and defense, and has above average court vision.



Name: Braxton Stacker

High School: Belleville East

Position: Shooting guard

Height: 6’5

Level: Mid major/ High major



Stacker has good length and can score on all three levels.  He is a high level competitor with a very smooth game.   Stacker is an above average defender with above average athleticism.  He is a good team player and makes guys around him better.



Name: Kristian Davis

High School: Christian High School

Position: Shooting guard

Height: 6’4

Level: Low major



Davis can guard 1-3 and doesn’t need the ball in his hand offensively to excel.   He’s very coachable and a great teammate.  He has very long arms and does well moving offensively scoring on back doors and is good at finding open spots.


Name: Kellen Thames

High School: Pattonville High

Position: Shooting guard

Height: 6’3

Level: Low major



Thames is coachable and works hard.  He’s a willing defender and does well when he can set his feet and shoot.  He already has good length and is still growing.  He can fit into any system because he doesn’t demand the ball.  With his length, he does well at getting his hand in the passing lane.



Name: Dampier Evans

High School: Bishop DuBourg

Position: Power Forward

Height: 6’5

Level: Low major



Evans has a very high motor and protects the rim wells.  He is a glue guy, good teammate and very coachable.  Improving on the 15-18 footer, he is an aggressive rebounder who finishes around the basket well.